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Chainlink Fence

The "Old-school." Chainlink fences are one of the most popular and widely used fencing options due to their durability, affordability, and versatility. Made of interwoven steel wires, and often times a vinyl-coated finish, chainlink fences provide a secure and sturdy barrier that is ideal for containing dogs, defining property lines, and enhancing security. These fences are low maintenance and can withstand the East Coast's harsh weather conditions, making them a long-lasting investment for homeowners and businesses alike. Additionally, chainlink fences offer visibility, allowing for a clear view of the surrounding area while still providing a sense of privacy and protection. Whether used for residential or commercial purposes, chainlink fences are one of the most common fences installed in Staten Island and New York. Empire State Fence has over 40 years of experience in chainlink fence installation.

Cantilever Chainlink Gate

Chainlink Privacy Slats

Chainlink fence has one glaring weakness; Lack of privacy. Luckily, there are chainlink privacy slats that are made in many different styles to address this. issue. These styles include, in order from least to most privacy ; Top-lock and Bottom-lock slats, Winged slats, Aluminum slats and Fake Grass (Hedge) slats. 

 Installing privacy slats for a Chainlink fence is a straightforward process. 

Chainlink Fence with Slats
  1. Measure the Fence : Determine the length of your fence and purchase enough privacy slats. Slats are typically sold in 10-foot bags.

  2. Prepare the Slats : Before inserting the slats, wet them and apply a small amount of soap. This makes them easier to slide into the chain-link mesh.

  3. Insert the Slats : Slide the slats vertically or horizontally into the mesh, making sure not to miss any diamonds.

  4. Secure the Slats : Use the provided fasteners or clips to secure the slats in place within the mesh.

  5. Adjust as Necessary : Step back and check for any uneven or misplaced slats. Adjust them as needed.

Chainlink  Installation Gallery

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